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Virtual assistants come in all ranges of talent and areas of expertise. Purple Cow Philippines focuses on providing outsourced virtual assistants specializing in the services and business needs .

Our Mission

To provide best-in-class employees to empower businesses to do what they do best.

Our Vision

Empowering individuals and businesses to accomplish their wildest dreams.

Examples of Virtual Assistants You Can Hire

Web Development

Leverage our expertise to build a compelling online presence. Engage your audience with a website that runs on clean, effective, easy-to-maintain code.

Graphic Design

Let intelligent graphics do part of the talking. Create a meaningful user experience for your website visitors with a fluid combination of usability and aesthetics.


Stay in full control of your accounting cycle. Get easy-to-scale industry-specific services and 100% compliance—with internal controls, industry standards, and all pertinent legislation.

Administrative Solutions

Focus your time and resources on your game-changing, core projects and activities. Hire professionals who understand that your peripheral admin tasks are essential to your success.


Be impossible to miss with page 1 visibility, and be impossible to stop with a steady stream of qualified leads—all thanks to a smartly optimized website.


Make an impact with fluent and practical content. Modern consumers are moved by sound ideas and empowered by workable solutions.

Customer Service

Build and grow your customer base with impeccable customer service. Get a customer service team who understand the value of customer satisfaction and is as dedicated to it as you are.


Keep going full steam ahead with quality sale after sale. With strategic automation, the best practices in providing value, and a team with extensive product knowledge and industry savvy, you’re practically unstoppable.

Why Hire a VA?

Because you want one. Or three. Or a virtual team. The possibilities of outsourcing are delightful.

Your productivity can skyrocket virtually overnight. The tasks that keep falling through the cracks can be handled by a skilled team member, without having to go through all of the difficulty of hiring in-house.

Get in touch with us today to discuss the best option for your business.

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Employee vs Assistant?

Virtual Assistants come in all talents and areas of expertise. Purple Cow Agency focuses on providing outsourced Virtual Assistants specializing in website development and digital marketing.

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Kind words from our clients

Can you help me up forming a collaborative team?

Absolutely, we also offer virtual assistant services.

Need more resources to grow your business?

We hire, train, and deploy experts in their field, ready to join your team when you need them. In addition to our headquarters in Pleasanton, California, in the heart of the Silicon Valley, we have a Philippines based office of highly talented individuals that work with businesses looking to outsource cost-effectively.

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